Proof of Concept Partners


The concept’s key is the ability to invest and be actively involved in technological start-ups at the earliest possible stage.

This Founding Angel model consists of bringing in business and financial know-how to scientists, R&D managers or engineers who have made the decision to carry out their own venture, typically via spin-offs or spin-outs.

From the outset a team is built to maximise the synergies between breaking-through researchers, business developers and financiers looking forward to scale up a technology-driven industrial model in a timely manner.

All business and financial aspects essential to the successful development of an innovative technological venture can be covered.

The most tangible added-value of this Founding Angel model takes place from the preliminary business model to the completion of the first financing round. It is during this phase that the Proof of Concept should have been successfully demonstrated – See Graph below.

The concept is unique by the use of a scenario based decision model enabling a flexible strategic approach combined with solid due diligence analytical capabilities, which are instrumental in reaching a fair understanding of the valuation.

Post-funding, the company’s development can be supported as required, typically with CFO and strategic advisory boards functions.